Multisig Tool

Create multisig addresses and transactions


Enter bitcoin public keys (hex) or private keys (WIF). Support for xpub and xprv keys coming soon.

Separate each part with spaces, newlines, commas or semicolons.

A will be taken from the parts above

Discover (Optional)

If you're unsure of the correct order for the parts, you can test each combination here.

Any combinations that have received a transaction previously will be listed in green (even if the balance is zero).

Any combinations that have NOT received a transaction previously will be listed in red with a strikethrough.

This feature uses a blockchain explorer to perform the discovery, which may pose a privacy issue for some users.


of N

BIP45 forces lexicographical ordering

Transaction Builder

Coming soon

More info


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Offline Usage

You can use this tool without having to be online.

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